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uki1993 created the topic: CASA MET Exam


Unfortunately I had failed my first attempt at the met exam. :( Going into the exam I had felt pretty confident as I studied the Bob Tait Met book pretty well and got well over 70% on each of the general practice tests as well as the final practice tests.

This has been my main approach to studying for the CPL exams, with just using the Bob Tait books, and doing the practice questions in the books. I have passed 3 previous exams using this approach (Human Performance, Aerodynamics, General Knowledge) Although I had found that the Bob Tait questions in the books are quite different to what is actually asked in the exam, the only exam which was generally similar was Aerodynamics. I have heard that with Part 61 being introduced the questions have been changed and since I had bought all the Bob Tait CPL books well before the introduction to Part 61 does that mean these practice questions in the books will be quite different as well?

I have bought the online Met CPL exam preparation and on my first attempted I managed to get 98%. Are these questions more closely related to the CASA ones in the exams?

I feel like I have a fairly solid understanding on this subject so as to why I had failed in the first place left me very surprised when I clicked that mark button in the exam. Any advice on how to study or what to study further will be greatly appreciated.

Cheers :)

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bobtait replied the topic: CASA MET Exam

Actually the introduction of Part 61 has had no effect on the content of the met syllabus. There are no 'new' areas that have been introduced. So if people are having trouble with the met exam, it seems it must be in the wording, complexity and terminology of the question. We are always interested in any feed-back from students on troublesome areas that pop up in exams. If you can give us some specific areas that gave you trouble, please let us know by email.



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