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TAF reading

  • Leifie
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Leifie created the topic: TAF reading

Hi there. I am studying to be pilot and Met is sort of my weak point.
By doing some trial exam I would like to make a clear couple of things I am not sure of, so if anyone could help me that would be wonderful.

TAF AYRB 2008 15010 kt 9000 60RA 3Sc025 6As100
GRADU 0001 16012 kt 9999 80RASH 4Cu020 5AC140
INTER 2001 3000 63RA 5ST008
24 27 29 30 1012 1011 1010 1008

The forecast visibility at 0200 UTC is

A, 9000m
C, 3000m
D,10km or better
Answer is D
But both GRADU and INTER valid till 0100UTC but in this case GRADU is more affective?

Next one is
The forecast rain would be falling from the
A, Cumulus

I thought answe was A but actually C and I can't understand
Can anyone please give me explanation?

Thank you

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  • Mister W
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Mister W replied the topic: TAF reading

Hi Leifie,

Haven't seen a TAF written in that format since the early to mid 90's when the AIP was broken into RAC and OPS (now GEN and ENR).

To answer you question about vis being answer D. The forecast uses 4 figures to describe the vis distance. This means that for 10km or better it will use the max figure of 9999.

The GRADU (Gradual change as opposed to a RAPID change) and the INTER are forecasted to end at 0100 so it will now be vis of 10km or better.

I will have to dig out some of my old met books to find why the answer is C. I would of answered A as well.


Mister W.

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