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Runway visual range

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BenW created the topic: Runway visual range


There was a question in my met exam relating to RVR in a class C aerodrome. A few people in my class had the same question but no one could find the answer. There is some info in AIP, but there was nothing that any of us could find that fully answered the question. We asked our teacher about it, and he said it was more of an IFR question.

Anyway, does anyone know what the visibility/RVR requirements are for class c aerodromes, and where this info can be found?



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Richard replied the topic: Runway visual range

Hi Ben,

There are multiple reports of this kind of question coming up lately and also of complaints being made to CASA about obviously IFR questions appearing in a VFR exam. The only advice we can give to students on this is the AIP description of RVR and the decodes presented there the RVR abbreviations. If you have more details on the question, please feel free to email or PM them to us to have a think about and maybe find a solution for you.



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