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Met help!

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AvStudent created the topic: Met help!

Failed my exam by less than a percent :(
Just seeing if anyone could help me with a question that I can't seem to understand.
Without detailing exactly what the question was and its exact answers were it went along the lines of
"How would you expect an area of still air away from water to move in a 24 hour period"
at all heights
low levels
just at heights
etc etc
Can't remember my answer but it was just a guess, essentially what would heating and cooling of the ground effect movement of air at what heights ?

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Richard replied the topic: Met help!


Bad news about the exam mate, no worries though. Dropping it by less than a % means you will undoubtedly nail it next time.
The question you describe is somewhat ambiguous and even the Bureau of Met book doesn't shed much light. We would need to see the question to make a judgement on it. In the absence of local winds such as land and sea breezes (hence the reference to being away from water), a stable air mass will experience very little movement in the higher levels. At the lower levels though I would expect the diurnal influences of solar heating and terrestrial cooling to have an effect on the air movement.
Again, without seeing the exact wording of the question, it is hard to help you on this one I'm afraid. You could always send me a PM if you have more specific information and (quite rightly) do not wish to put it here on the forums. Thanks for respecting CASA's regs on question dumps:)



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