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CPL Meteorology Exam Failed

  • Tanser88
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Tanser88 created the topic: CPL Meteorology Exam Failed

Hi Bob,

I recently did my met exam and failed miserably. To be honest I feel quite depressed about it after I went in all 100% confident that I would smash the exam. I did your practice exams and averaged a 95% pass rate and the lowest was 85% and thats when I was distracted by the construction going on next door to my house. I Failed the CASA exam with 46%. I was completely shocked. I expected to at least pass with 70%. I studied my ass off for a few weeks until the night before the exam. I understood,the information quite well. When I began the exam, the questions were a bit difficult to understand, as I believe they word them stupidly. Some of the questions were missing information and some questions with the multiple choices were all wrong. As in the choices they gave me, none of them were correct at all. Even some ARFOR's and TAF's had missing information. I do intend on resitting the exam. However I just wanted some advise. It feels like a punch in the gut. And some mental anguish, especially when a fellow course mate passed today with 83%. My Chief Instructor has advised me that I should get the BOM Manual of Aviation Meteorology. Would this help at all? Also any other advise would be greatly appreciated by yourself, or anyone.

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  • Aaron
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Aaron replied the topic: CPL Meteorology Exam Failed

G'day Tanser88,

I did the Met exam on the 9th of September, and only managed a poultry 70% when I was getting mid-80's for all the practice exams. Through some investigation of the CASA website, I found that CASA had changed all the questions in all the exams with the starting of Part 61. It wasn't just the licence changes, it was the exams as well. I used Bob's Met book which covered what I needed, and yes I do agree that CASA word their questions in the most odd way. So basically, all of Bob's questions in the back of the book are irrelevant as CASA have since changed the exam questions because when I did the exam, I didn't get one question that I knew was from Bob's textbook. Don't let it get to you, I failed the PPL exam twice so I know what the feeling is like.


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  • Tanser88
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Tanser88 replied the topic: CPL Meteorology Exam Failed

Sorry for the late reply mate.
I get what you mean. Took a bit to get over it but I ended up passing AGK so it boosted my confidence back up. I'll be re attempting met last. Doing aerodynamics this Wednesday 19th November. I hope I pass this one too! Cheers for tr insight. Now I know why I didn't do to well

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