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First CPL Exam

  • Aaron
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Aaron created the topic: First CPL Exam

Hi All,

I begin my CPL exams on Tuesday the 9th with Met, I just wanted to know how people prepared for it (yes, I've been studying for few weeks now!) and was Bob's textbook enough to help you pass?



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  • Colonial
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Colonial replied the topic: First CPL Exam

Gday Aaron,

I'll also be attempting Met on the 9th, though this will be my 5th CPL exam. From my experiences with past exam prep, I would say that you should leave the practice q's in your book alone until you're confident that you understand the chapter/ concept/ topic. The reason being is that you may fail it due to miscomprehension ect. If you re-read the chapter and reckon you now understand your short falls, you have then wasted your practice test, as you will most likely remember the answers to those specific questions, unconsciously cheating yourself.

Also, for the MET exam, I have bought another booklet, with around 160 q's or 4 practice tests. You may feel strong after cruising through your text books, but it always helps to check for any kinks in your armour. 5.5 days!



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