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Question on Timed exam ARFOR and Book

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Nikolaou created the topic: Question on Timed exam ARFOR and Book

Hi Bob

Have some queries from the book and Timed exam as follows:

Question 16 on Timed Exam

Refer to the PCA chart and ARFOR 5 on page 49 of the VFR [Day] work booklet.

Passing over Bowral at 2350 UTC you would expect to encounter -
Choose one answer.
1.Fog Incorrect
2.Broken Sc. Base 4500 feet Incorrect
3.Broken St, base 3000 feet Correct
4.Scattered Cu/Sc, base 4000 feet Incorrect

The Bowral info in the ARFOR on page 49 of the day VFR workbook (version 3 July 2011) is as follows:
FM 22 5000M BKN ST 3000
FM 00 8000M BKN SC 4500

I picked answer 2 as passing Bowral at 2350 was closer to FM00 (10min difference). In this instance if we have a question like this do we pick the exact time range and not assume the closest or even the 30 min "before rule" as we do with Alternates?

Second Question I have relates to Question 10 page 8.2 of the Met book - lowest cloud:

The ARFOR page 8.14 highlights cloud as follows:

Answer given is D. Why wouldnt the answer include SCT ie 3-4 OKTAS as well ? When I look at the WAC from YSWG to YSCB does this route not also include the Slopes?
Have a misunderstood where the slopes are?

Final question ! Why are the most destructive winds to the left and front of a cyclone?

Correction needed - Also question 14 on the online met exam #3 still shows the old rule at 10000 feet instead of 20000 ft

An AIRMET differs from a SIGMET in that -
Choose one answer.

it contains advice of meteorological conditions below 10,000 feet only (should be 20,000 ft)

Appreciate your feedback - have exam end of week


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bobtait replied the topic: Question on Timed exam ARFOR and Book

Question No 16 Timed exam.
There is no requirement to apply the 30 minute buffer to an ARFOR. That only applies to a TAF. In any case, the weather is forecast to improve so if you did apply a 30 minute buffer, it would be after the stated time.

Question 10 page 8.2
Since the choice is between BKN and SCT, you would choose the worst case.

The forward movement of the cyclone tends to add extra speed to the wind at the leading edge [the isobars are more compressed]. The rotation of the system moves that area of stronger winds further around in the direction of rotation. That is to your left when the system is moving towards you.

AIRMET - SIGMET. I am aware of that change. It has been included in the latest version of the Met book and it is also notified in the errata for Met on our web page.

Thanks for your feed-back and good luck with the exam.


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