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PPL in Sydney

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kjolsen created the topic: PPL in Sydney

Mine is an interesting life in aviation already
I'm in my 50s and wanted to fly from age 5. I took up gliding in the 80's and became a Level 2 instructor and CFI. I did the entire PPL flying syllabus in my first flight including an engine out approach where due to being too high I side-slipped with flaps which kinda impressed the instructor who said he' never seen as student do that before. I went solo on my third flight with 2.8 hrs powered. I had 8 hrs powered when I tried out for SSO Pilot for the Australian Defence Force at 43 years of age. I was successful, but for personal reasons decided not to pursue it. I am still the oldest person to have succeeded. From that ADF pilot selection process I ended up with 24 hrs, something like 15 of it in a tail-dragger, a Mudry CAP 10 doing UA and Aerobatics, the rest of it in a CT4. I did my GFPT but very shortly afterwards, the flight school closed down. They had not submitted my record. I chased it up but nobody could find a record. I went back to gliding and then life intervened. I lost my successful business, my two homes and my marriage. I moved from Townsville to Sydney with $400, three dresses and one pair of shoes in late 2015. I donated my glider to the Australian Gliding Museum as it was "an only one in the world" glider and an Australian design. After 3 years I have saved some money and I want to get back into both gliding and finish my PPL. My objective is glider towing. It will have taken most of my life to get there but aviation is an illness for which there is no cure :-).


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bobtait replied the topic: PPL in Sydney

Gidday Kimberly and welcome to the forum. Sounds like you've had a very eventful life in aviation. Nice to know that you're into tail draggers and aerobatics. All the best with your endeavours in 2019. Stay in touch.


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