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Old Fokker 50 Pilot

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PES created the topic: Old Fokker 50 Pilot

Hi All!

I got my license in the nineties in Denmark and flew as a co-pilot and captain on the F50 and also a short spell as a first officer 737-800 for Ryan Air before quitting flying altogether in 2008. In my roughly 10 active years I flew around 4000 hours. In the meantime, I got married and had 2 beautiful children who are now growing up fast, and I've found myself wanting to get back to flying.

Having moved to Australia a couple of years ago I decided to "start over" and do all the CPL subjects one by one. It was while researching the much needed theory refresher that I was recommended Bob Tait's books and I find them absolutely fantastic. I've passed my Human Factors, am soon to do the Aircraft Gen Knowledge and then I'll do the rest of them over the next few months.

I was informed that I could do the CPL Conversion Exam, but I just needed a complete refresher and Australian perspective anyway, having done all of my flying in Europe (and a tiny bit Russia and Africa), hence the "starting over". Although it is perhaps a bit more work, I'm learning a lot and I find it easier to be able to focus on one thing at a time (is that good, as a pilot? :)

Thank you all for your great posts and information available on this forum, it's very much appreciated and I'll do my bit whenever possible.

Lots of happy flying to all of you!


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bobtait replied the topic: Old Fokker 50 Pilot

Hi Brett
It's great to hear from you. I can remember way back to the F27 Fokker Friendship. Boy! that makes me feel old. Great to hear that you have decided to get back into flying. In a country like Australia you should have lots of opportunity to enjoy flying with your family. We have very big skies here - plenty of room for everyone!


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PES replied the topic: Old Fokker 50 Pilot

Hi Bob,

Thank you for your kind reply. Yes indeed, the first company I ever flew for also had an F27, and I always found them charming, with their analogue instruments and their noisy pneumatics, but still happy to have flown the F50, such a user-friendly plane. It's the only large turboprop I've ever heard of where you still have aileron control in a stall, it's so gentle and so forgiving, it was an absolute pleasure. Once again thank you for your warm welcome.


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