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james.niven created the topic: Thanks!

Sat the IREX today and passed with 90%!! Also pulled off a 93 in the ATPL airlaw so that's the ground element of my licence conversion out the way!! :woohoo:

Could have done a little bit better had I not made one careless error, somehow made a mistake on an alternate selction question but was completely baffled by 2 questions:

You're flying from Charlville to Quilpe at night. GPS RAIM is not available, when can you descend below the LSALT?
3NM, 5NM, 10NM, 25NM or 30NM

You're flying from Mallacoota to Canberra via Cooma (W675/W290), there is BKN SC at 050/120 and FZG Lvl of 9300. What is the highest level you can plan? 7000, 8000, Flight not possible, 9000, 10000

Anyhow, all my IR and CPL law studies have been done using your books (and the cyber exams) and I got first time passes so thanks a million!! Now all I have to do is pass the C-IR flight test :S

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Richard replied the topic: Re: Thanks!

James, congratulations, that is great news!

All the best with the flight test! Now, that's real fun :)

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Bosi72 replied the topic: Thanks!

Sorry for resurrecting the topic 10 years later, my answer to the 2nd question from above was 9000ft, but it was incorrect.

My thought process was:
Route LSALT at W675 is 6100ft (flying westerly).
Route LSALT at W290 is 7500ft (flying easterly).
We can fly westerly at 8000ft, then easterly either at 7000ft or 9000ft. Freezing level 9300ft.
My answer was 9000ft, unless there's something else I am missing related to FZLVL or BKN SC clouds.

Could someone please provide correct answer.

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