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Mode C Transponders,

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hmakhdum created the topic: Mode C Transponders,

I had a quick question about Exercise 2.3, Q16 in the IREX book. It asks..... "A Mode C transponder transmits information that allows a ground station to determine? And the answer is given in the book is position and altitude. When I look at P91MOS 26.67, I only find that altitude is referenced regarding a mode C transponder and not position. I didn't think the GPS, GNSS, ADS-B links to a Mode C transponder to relay the coordinates so my question is..........
Q: Mode C transponder relays pressure altitude only or does it also relay position?

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Stuart Tait replied the topic: Mode C Transponders,


You are correct Mode C does only transmit altitude I guess the answer should be clearer in regard to what it provides the controller and what it actually transmits.

Thanks for your feedback

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