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brett-1991 created the topic: SARWATCH

Question 9
For an IFR flight landing at an airport in a class D CTR SARWATCH is cancelled.
Answer is automatically when aircraft lands
Where can I find that? And is that because in controlled areas the tower will cancel for toy instead of class G where it’s pilot operated??
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bobtait replied the topic: SARWATCH

There is a difference between SAR WATCH AND SAR TIME. An IFR aircraft must always operate on a full reporting basis - there is no such thing as SAR TIME for an IFR aircraft except on occasions where a SAR TIME FOR DEPARTURE is nominated in circumstances where VHF is not available on the ground.

Otherwise, the SAR WATCH for an IFR aircraft is the responsibility of each ATS unit that communicates with that aircraft as the flight progresses. If an IFR flight has been communicating with the tower, the tower is responsible for that aircraft's SAR WATCH. So there is no need to say 'cancel SAR'.

If a SAR TIME has been nominated (VFR flights), The SAR TIME is not held by the tower, it is held by flight watch, so you must request that your SAR TIME be cancelled. That request is made to the tower to be passed on to flight watch.

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