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jkatz098 created the topic: PASSED IREX 98%

Very happy to say I passed IREX with 98% (I'm annoyed I lost a single mark)

For anyone studying for it, all I can say is read bob tait IREX and then read it again, get used to and understand the concepts not just the questions.
I also purchased the bob tait online practice exams, they were a hugeeeee help, a few questions were even the same.

For the actual exam
I skipped any big wordy questions and went straight to basic look up stuff, then did the ADF and Alternate questions.
Took about 2 hours to do them all the first time round, then spent the rest of the time going over each (found 2-3 mistakes I made)

The fuel calculation fill in the box I got referred to a PVT IFR flight, it didn't specify the aircraft so I took a guess and just used small aeroplane which means no variable reserve, got that right.
Overall it was a pretty even mix of basic looking stuff up in the aip, and actual DA, MDA sort of calculating questions. And then 3-4 ADF questions but seriously basic using the HAT trick.

I found it way easier than performance so dont stress too much over it.

If you know the book back to front (took me about 2-3 weeks) and you get over 85% for the online exams (I was averaging 95%) you'll have no issue identifying what the questions wants.

THANKS BOB! Time to finish CPLs (Met & Aerody)

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bobtait replied the topic: PASSED IREX 98%

Congratulations! That's a fantastic result especially for home study (rarely obtained even in a face-to-face class). All the best with the rest of the subjects.


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brett-1991 replied the topic: PASSED IREX 98%

Congrats on that score! Curious to know how many HAT questions you got and how they asked them? Was it similar to Bob Tait practise questions? Thanks

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