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2 Errors in Practice Exam

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jkatz098 created the topic: 2 Errors in Practice Exam

I believe I have found a few errors

CASR 61.875
For subregulation (1), the flight or simulated flight must:
a) have a duration of at least one hour; AND
b) include at least one instrument approach

You can't claim the 17 hours prior flying in OZY as the 1 hour needed for the CASR, the flight time and approach have to happen in the same flight

AIP GEN 3.3-7 4.6
Says you need to have the 5NM buffer, so I'm a bit confused why you can leave the buffer out if the question doesn't say you need it?
The Bob Tait IREX book even adds the 5nm in both examples.

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bobtait replied the topic: 2 Errors in Practice Exam

Thanks for your feed-back. You are correct, Question 18 should have made it clear that the one hour instrument time must include the instrument approach. They are not separate requirements. I have made the necessary changes to the question.

In question 27, the wording of the question says that the tolerance area MUST INCLUDE a circle centered on Bravo, when you add the 5nm buffer that doesn't change the radius of the semicircle itself. Just trying to be obtuse like CASA!

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