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Regain approach currency

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Airflow_X created the topic: Regain approach currency

Hi all,

I was just after some clarification about how to regain approach currency after 90 days has elapsed for a specific approach. Say I haven’t flown 3D or CDI in the last 90 days, am I required to sit with an instructor either in flight or in a sim to regain currency.

I’ve been having a look at CASR61.870 and I can’t really seem to find anything that says I’d need to receive instruction on it again.


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Bosi72 replied the topic: Regain approach currency

Yes, to regain recency and satisfy both 61.870 and 61.875, you will have to have either a solo SIM flight or a dual with instructor, at least 1 hour duration, including 3 instrument approach operations.

Also from:

2. There is also a single-pilot IFR recent experience requirement. Pilots need to have conducted a flight or simulated flight under IFR in a single-pilot operation within the previous six months. The operation must be at least one hour in length and include at least one instrument approach. FOR PILOTS REGAINING RECENCY, these requirements could be achieved during a single-pilot instrument proficiency check (IPC), a flight with an instructor, OR A FLIGHT IN A FLIGHT SIMULATION TRAINING DEVICE...

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