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Launceston NDB rated coverage

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Adam96 created the topic: Launceston NDB rated coverage


Hoping I can get some insight into this question regarding the Launceston NDB. The question asks the rated coverage for a flight from Flinders island to Launceston. About half of this flight is overland and the approach to Launceston would be completely overland also.

The answer in the practice exam is that the rated coverage is OW150, why would this be the case when the approach is conducted overland?

Thank you in advance,

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bobtait replied the topic: Launceston NDB rated coverage

The question was written on the assumption that you would be using the NDB for track keeping during the flight, so you would be over water for the first half of the journey. I must admit that nobody tracks on an NDB in this day and age. As far as the approach is concerned, by the time you were close enough to be considering it, you would be well and truly inside both the over land and over water ranges.

The question is a bit out of date, so I'll have a look at amending it. Thanks for your feedback, it is most appreciated.


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