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Bosi72 created the topic: SARWATCH

(Screenshot attached)
Could someone please point to the AIP or Law legislation where it says SARWATCH is cancelled automatically when the aircraft lands.

To my understanding of paragraphs in AIP ENR 1.1-86,87 (11.2.1) , GEN 3.4-34 (5.5.2), ENR 1.1-45 (6.1.9)

SARWATCH cancellation is done by reporting to ATS.

I don't want to cause alerting full scale Search&Rescue operation for assuming SARWATCH was cancelled automatically upon landing.


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bobtait replied the topic: SARWATCH

SARTIME must be cancelled an any aerodrome. But the SARWATCH for an IFR flight is the responsibility of the ATC unit you are communicating with. If the tower just saw you land, your SARWATCH is automatically terminated. That's not the case with SARTIME because your SARTIME is held by FLIGHT WATCH not ATC. So, if you land at a towered aerodrome, your SARWATCH is automatically terminated. However, an IFR flight (full radio reporting procedures) must cancel SAR when landing at a non-towered aerodrome.
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Bosi72 replied the topic: SARWATCH

Thank you Bob,

It makes now sense after watching your video from Day 2 where you explained how SARWATCH works in real life.
I also laughed and seen myself at the very end of the video when you mentioned "a poor bugger self-study at home" :)

After reading books only and trying to understand what lawyers were writing in AIP/CASR/.. watching your videos appears very refreshing. During the self-study I built my own picture which sometimes didn't make sense, and it was foggy (actually still foggy as I'm on day 2). Hopefully that fog fully clears before exam on Friday.

Your videos are great tool that I needed to connect the dots in the IREX spaghetti.

Thanks again

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