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Failed IREX

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Boeing777mark created the topic: Failed IREX

Hi guys sat IREX today and failed with a mark of 65% it’s the second time I sat it and although it was a improvement on the first attempt of 52% I’m still very disappointed as I thought it was going to be a pass today

Some of the questions that made me think a little bit were the following:

1) I was given a TTF and my flight was arriving within the TTF but there was also a TEMPO that was also valid for my arrival so I went of the conditions from the tempo (conditions in the tempo required holding)
So I choose to carry 60 mins. Is that correct?

2) Another question was I was given a cloud base and height and was asked at what height would be the less risk of encountering airframe ice I was given

Had another 2 more heights I can’t remember

I choose 7000-10000 and was wrong

3) IFR departure planned to leave at 10:35. A pilot receives a Notam saying the TAF will not be available until 11am options are

Can not leave
Can leave as long as the TAF is out by 11am
Can leave as long as it’s out before you reach PNR
another one I can’t remember

4) can never understand these coastal refraction questions. That appeared on my KDR
5) latest time you can make your Visual approach call is it 5 or 10 nm and what frequency CTAF or ML CEN

6) Calculate fuel required in minutes it was a PVT IFR flight. Am I right in saying with the new fuel regs PVT does not require a variable reserve and uses 45 minutes holding? For some reason that appeared on my KDR report

Other questions were
Track error
Position reports
Fuel required in minutes

That’s just some that I can remember, any feedback would be much appreciated

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Boeing777mark replied the topic: Failed IREX

Hi guys anyone here to help with these questions?

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