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domcheung created the topic: CIR AND PIFR

I just passed my PPL recently.
Flying is only a hobby for me. I would like to get into IF . I understand there is Command instrument Rating and PIFR .
Can you give me advice on which one I should take up?
With regard to written exam, are they the same.

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bobtait replied the topic: CIR AND PIFR

Hi domcheung
The Command Instrument Rating (CIR) is most commonly associated with commercial operations. Although many private pilots choose to do the CIR because they consider it to be a more comprehensive syllabus. The CIR is one single exam that covers all aspects of IFR operations and is set by CASA.

The PIFR is broken into modules so that you can do your training in stages. e.g. IFR Departures only, IFR enroute, IFR approach and landings. The theory component consists of separate exams for each module which may set by your chosen flying school.

Some PPL pilots choose to do the full CIR theory CASA exam, (IREX), and then do just the PIFR flying training. The CASA IREX will, of course, cover you for the PIFR theory as well.

All the best with your training,


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