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IREX Exam 3 Q34

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Tonyjames created the topic: IREX Exam 3 Q34

TAF YCCY 121930UTC 1220/1308 2101KT 6000 RA SCT010 FEW008
FM130400 9999 RA FEWO15 SCT050

Consider the TAF above. If your ETA at Cloncurry is 0410, the operational requirements which would apply for your arrival would be -
Select one:
none Incorrect
fuel to proceed to an alternate must be carried
60 minutes holding
20 minutes holding may be carried

In the above question the TAF is going from bad to good, but there is only FEW & SCT cloud.
I thought that you had to have more than 4/8 cloud below the ALT minima and the ALT minima for YCCY is 1454ft and 4.4km for visability, and the viability in the TAF is 6000..
Am I missing something......cheers

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bobtait replied the topic: IREX Exam 3 Q34

If the alternate minima for Cloncurry are 1454ft and 4km visibility, SCT @ 1000ft and FRW @ 800ft constitutes more than 4/8 below 1454ft. That means the OPR applies until 0430. Since you are arriving at 0410 you must carry sufficient fuel to hold until the OPR is lifted. So you need 20 minutes holding.

AIP ENR 1.1 para and AIP ENR 1.1 para
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