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IREX exam changes.

  • Dan
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Dan created the topic: IREX exam changes.

Hi Stuart and Bob,

Has there been any feedback from CASA regarding whether or not the IREX exam will be more complicated with the equipment list and fuel policy change?.

Company fuel policy is compliant with Civil Aviation (Fuel Requirements) Instrument 2018 and CAAP 234-1(2).
Mode S transponder (ADS-B OUT).
Unless otherwise stated in the question, assume all navigation aids and aircraft equipment are serviceable, GNSS RAIM is available, and you are qualified to fly as PIC, all instrument procedures based on these navigation aids (in any combination). The GNSS units fitted to the aircraft are deemed to be capable of RNAV 5, RNAV 2, RNAV 1, RNP 2, RNP 1 and RNP APCH (LNAV only) in accordance with para 10.2 of CAO 20.91.

I am just about ready to sit the exam (although not completely confident), and undecided whether to sit before or after the 8th of November... I can see pros and cons for both options.

Cheers, Dan.

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