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VORs and Recency

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steveo created the topic: VORs and Recency

I was wondering if anyone had insight into how VORs are treated in IREX exams in regards to questions of recency requirements.
VORs can be either of the CDI or AZI (RMI) types, and this obviously has an impact on your required recency.

Does IREX assume that the VOR is always of type CDI in the exam, or AZI, or if asked do they specifically state what sort of VOR? I note OZY datasheet is not specific.

Has anyone seen questions which would clarify this for me?
I have answered some sample questions incorrectly because the question assumed an AZI type, and it would be disappointing to lose a mark on something so trivial!


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bobtait replied the topic: VORs and Recency

As far as recency is concerned there is no such thing as a VOR, RMI or NDB. Recency is concerned with 2D approaches with either azimuth guidance or CDI guidance. The examiner would have to make it clear which it is. The book assumes that VOR means CDI guidance and RMI is azimuth guidance.
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