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Exam 3 Q6

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mmasters created the topic: Exam 3 Q6

Hello Bob et al,

if you intend to return in the event of an engine failure [or other emergency] in IMC after take off, you cannot depart unless conditions will permit a successful instrument approach [pretty obvious really] AIP ENR 1.5 para 4.4.4a.

AIP ENR 1.5 para 4.4.2 says that the take off minima must not be less than 300 feet and 2km for non-qualifying IFR aircraft [OZY is a non-qualifying IFR aircraft] except when you are planning on a return to land in the event of an engine failure, in which case it must be the approach minimum.

The first step then will be to check the approaches available.

You could use the S-I GNSS minima for Runway 14 since it is less than the VOR minima, the 146 GNSS units may be used for the approach and you are current on all approaches except the ILS. You can take 100ft off the MDA because you will have access to a current QNH so your take-off minima would therefore be a ceiling of 412ft and visibility of 2.9km.

The correct answer is: 412 ft AGL cloud base and visibility of 2.9 km

Why is the visibility 2.9 km and not 2.0? Do we assume that HIAL is not available?

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