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RAIM loss or warning

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adrianchiasm created the topic: RAIM loss or warning

Hi bob

You should conduct missed approach but only use DR if raim loss or warning is still present in the missed approach. But if it disappear, you can continue using the gps for track guidance. However, pg 277 qn 2 seems a little difference. Any answers to it? Cheers

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bobtait replied the topic: RAIM loss or warning

If you select the missed approach mode, the GPS automatically goes from approach mode back to terminal mode. That resets the HIL (horizontal integrity limit) from .3nm to 1nm. It's possible that the RAIM warning may then cease because the receiver can achieve the 1nm HIL but not the .3nm HIL. If the RAIM ceases, you may use the GPS for track guidance during the missed approach. If the RAIM persists, then you must DR your way through the missed approach.

The question didn't say anything about the RAIM ceasing so you can't assume it did.

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