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Estimated time departure before TAF expries

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Hi everyone, just another question regarding TAF in IREX sample questions.
The TAF for your destination aerodrome (YBXX) is given as:
TAF YBXX 290030Z 0214 25010KT 9999 BKN010
T 15 13 10 07 Q 1018 1020 1020 1019
The nominated alternate aerodrome (YBYY) has a TAF as follows:
TAF YBYY 290045Z 0214 33015KT CAVOK
T 15 14 11 07 Q 1017 1020 1021 1019
The flight time to the planned destination requires 1 hour 15 minutes, and from the destination to the nominated alternate, another 45 minutes. What is the latest ETD for which these TAFs will be valid?
I know that we have to arrive 60 minutes before the TAF expires which is 13.00UTC
time to destination is 1h15' and another 45' to alternate aerodrome = 2 hours
the latest ETD is 11.00UTC?
Am I missing something here?

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