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Holding or alternate

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adrianchiasm created the topic: Holding or alternate

Hi bob,

In this question context, there is only one ILS receiver. Shouldn’t you plan for an alternate instead because there is only one receiver and if that fails, u won’t have any more aid remaining.

Also, where do you get the info in the DAPs or ERSA saying about the traffic holding which require additional 20 mins of holding? I couldn’t find it after searching high and low for it. Are there any similar question to this which I can practice on? Are there also other aerodomes that implement this extra holding too?

Thanks bob

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bobtait replied the topic: Holding or alternate

The question didn't specify that you were a charter nor did it say you have no other aids. It simply said that you have only one ILS, so you don't qualify for the special alternate minima. However, I will change the stem of the question to make that more clear.

The 20min traffic holding is found in ERSA under Brisbane. It's a good idea to check for traffic holding in ERSA if you are arriving at any International Airport.

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