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Passed today, but not happy.

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ethanoost created the topic: Passed today, but not happy.

I sat the IREX exams today and passed. So from that point of view Im happy.
Im just baffled (as so many are), how I only managed to score 70%. I cant even think of 12 questions I struggled with. Even worse after passing all of BT IREX exams by >90%. I did not find the exam very difficult.
I guess it came down to little things like not grasping exactly what the question asked and tricks. Also Im only a PPL (having done my license many years ago) and am not used to the CASA exam style and their tricky way of wording the questions. Many candidates have done CPL and have sat these kind of exams before.
Also being very strict on myself and setting a very high personal standard, makes is more difficult at accept. I just want to learn from my mistakes, and there is no way I can get access to the wrong questions so I can improve myself. I have done countless very hard exams in my life (med school and specialist fellowship exams), but never have i encounter an exam that leaves me with so many questions afterwards.
I guess I have to be happy with the pass.
End of debrief.
Thanks to Bob Tait for your brilliant books. It made studying a lot easier.

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bobtait replied the topic: Passed today, but not happy.

Congratulations. As they say, "a pass is a pass". Enjoy your flying now.

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