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Adf intercepts

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Airborne898 created the topic: Adf intercepts

Hi all,

My question is in relation to question 4 on page 52 where it’s talking about the heading to fly after an intercept (photo attached).

I don’t understand why the heading is less than what if was originally. If we were blown to the left of the flight planned track as indicated by the diagram shouldn’t we hold a heading greater than 205? The 3 questions before this made sense, but I can’t seem to get my head around this one.

Any help is always appreciated

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bobtait replied the topic: Adf intercepts

You are assuming that the reason why you were left of the required track was because of the wind. It is not necessarily the wind that puts you on a track other than the required track. In this case you have been using a heading of 205°M and it has been resulting in a track of 215°M. The track you wish to intercept is 200°M, inbound to the station and to your right.

You make an intercept of that required track, and then hold a heading that is 15° to the left of 205°M (190°M.) That heading will make good a track that is 15° to the left of the original track. That is what you want to do. The wind does not come into this argument. Just imagine that you were inbound to the station on 215°M and ATC asked you to intercept the 200°M inbound track.


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