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Richard created the topic: IREX - IMPORTANT EXAM UPDATE

Hi Everyone,

CASA will be amendeding the equipment list for the IREX exam aeroplane, VH-OZY, effective from the 26th of May 2016. The new aircraft data is summarised in the PDF below.

In a nutshell, the GNSS units have been changed from one TSO-C129a to two TSO-C146a (IFR approved). VH-OZY also now has only one ILS, no DME and only one ADF. This means that when it comes to alternate requirements, VH-OZY will not be required to plan for an alternate if the only approach available is an RNAV-GNSS approach.

VH-OZY will also be able to conduct an RNAV-GNSS approach at an aerodrome with no ground-based navigation aid. Because OZY now has only one ILS, it will not qualify for the special alternate minima.

After the implementation date, the answers to some of the questions in this book will need to be changed to reflect the above. Please keep your eye on our web page for further information.

Attached to this forum post is a PDF explanatory note which is being included in all IREX books until the 26th May.

Happy Studying!

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