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Changes to the date PEXO exams are to stop using the old CAO 48.0/48.1

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Stuart Tait created the topic: Changes to the date PEXO exams are to stop using the old CAO 48.0/48.1

Exam changes, the repeal date of the ‘old’ CAO 48.0/48.1 dated 2004 has been changed from 31st October 2018 to 26th March 2020.

26th March 2020 Flight & Duty time requirements
CASA has released amendments to CAO 48.1 Instrument 2013 All versions of CAO 48 may be downloaded from the Federal Register of Legislation website.

Both the ‘old’ CAO 48.0/48.1 dated 2004 and the ‘new’ CAO 48.1 Instrument 2013 are current documents and may be used in exams where CAOs are permitted. As a transition period exists in relation to these CAOs, questions may be asked relating to either in CASA exams. Where appropriate, a comment may be placed with a question to guide the candidate as to which version of CAOs the question is examining.

After 26th March 2020, the 2004 version of CAO 48.0/48.1 will be repealed and no longer used for any flight and duty time questions.

Where the ‘Permitted Material’ for an exam includes “CAO 20-95.2” this automatically includes:
CAO 48.0/48.1 dated 2004; and
CAO 48.1 Instrument 2013; and
Any amendments to these documents.

Exam questions are based on the current version of both these documents.

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