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Passed CHUF

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baddles created the topic: Passed CHUF

Hi all, I've just passed CHUF with 98%. Woo-hoo!

Here are a few comments about studying for this exam.
  • This is probably the most deceptive of the CPL topics, because it all looks like pretty reasonable, general-knowledge material and it's easy to become complacent. The devil is in the detail --- the exact terminology required, the exact numbers that CASA want you to recall, and tiny little facts that you could easily skip over.
  • Bob's study guide is the best way to study this material, by a long way.
  • The best strategy is to stick with Bob's study guide and to try to squeeze maximum value out of it:
    • don't skip over the material. Every last line in the study guide is there because it could be an exam question.
    • don't breeze through the practice tests. After you finish the test, look at each question you got wrong, and try to understand why. Look for patterns of mistakes, and fix them.
    • Pay careful attention to the exact terminology used. Memorise it. CASA will try to trip you up.
    • Don't let it go in one ear and out the other. Put in some time on drills or revision, for example, make flash cards.
  • After you've done one or two of the practice exams, go over the ones you got wrong. Use TEM - identify the threats (like two words that are very similar) and develop countermeasures.
  • A week before your exam, visit the CASA website, search "Australia wide pass rates", and look up Human Factors. This will give you a CASA summary of the most common questions that people got wrong. Revise those topics carefully. Worked for me!!

My 'top tip': you'll study much better if you enjoy it. So, find something about each study topic that you like: its relevance to flying, relevance to everyday life, or just the fun of knowing new facts.

This was my last CPL exam so I will say farewell for now.
Good luck everyone!

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Stuart Tait replied the topic: Passed CHUF

Congratulations Adrian

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