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HUF - 80% pass

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davelindojrff created the topic: HUF - 80% pass


I passed HUF on Friday with with an 80%.

It's definitely worth getting your head around T.E.M as the last 14 questions on the exam were TEM questions (making up 35% of the exam). My mates who sat it on the same day had 10-12 so its just the luck of the draw.

I got asked a fairly simple eye question:
What makes up the blind spot on the back of the eye?
-The Optic nerve.

There are a few questions regarding climbing and descending.
What effect does gas have on the stomach (climb expands and descends it contracts) during climb?

A pilot complains of a headache at an altitude of 3,000 feet on a cold winters day, what is the cause?
Carbon monoxide poisoning from the cabin heat.

Know how the heart works, for example:
Blood travels from the heart to the lungs back to the heart then sent to the body.

there are 2-3 questions on illusions such as the black hole effect and sloped runways. it will be worded like: A pilot feels like he/she is too high on approach causing an undershoot, this is because?
a) runway slopes up from the threshold
b) runway slopes down from the threshold

If a pilot is exposed to a flash during night operations, how long will it take to regain night vision?
this was an enter question and I put 30 minutes and didn't get a KDR.

Regarding G loads, I had a question asking me: if a pilot pulls 2 g, how much force is acting on the pilot?
a) double
b) 4 gs

My advice would be to just go through Bob Tait and make up flashcards of key knowledge from each topic. It's not a hard exam if you understand the concepts in each chapter. The questions above are a guideline as to what you might get, they are not word for word.

Good luck

Cheers Dave
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bobtait replied the topic: HUF - 80% pass

Congratulations Dave that's a good solid mark.
I don't see the point of having so many questions on TEM. So many of those questions relate to simply defining types of threats or errors or undesired aircraft states. Does that really improve safety??

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davelindojrff replied the topic: HUF - 80% pass

Thanks Bob,

Yeah I was unlucky in getting that many TEM questions. I completely agree with you but I don't have to worry about HUF again until ATPL thankfully.

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