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Passed CHUF - Just!!

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mauna3 created the topic: Passed CHUF - Just!!

Well, that was traumatic! Just had my CHUF exam and squeaked through with 73%!

I found this a lot more difficult than the Air Law exam. My main problem was the TEM stuff, i had around 9 TEM questions and got 6 wrong! Not too sure how it went so wrong? When i review my KDR during the ground portion of the flight test, will the examiner have the actual questions that i got incorrect?? That will be interesting to review

There were a couple of very annoying questions that gave answers that could both be correct. One was about items stored in short term memory, 2 of the options both had 7 items as part of the answer. Its annoying because the text just quotes approx 7. Not sure which option i chose, but it was wrong!!

All i can suggest is memorise the course notes and hopefully you will get through. I had spent a lot of time on this, cos i knew i was going to hate it, i pretty much know the BT material by heart and i only JUST got through.


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Stuart Tait replied the topic: Passed CHUF - Just!!

Glad you made it through, the TEM questions seem to trip up everyone

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harrykay replied the topic: Passed CHUF - Just!!

Don't feel bad .. you passed..and TEM has turned this exam into a very different beast.

I wrote a detailed thread re my HUF exam last month and did mention this subject can be harder than people might expect. From memory I think I got 11 or 12 TEM questions lol

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