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Few tips for hpl exams
Learn about hypoxia and hyperventilation (3-4) questions
Eyes ears postural ques
There is type in question about dark adaptations
Tem model
Just get all the definitions about commited error (basically all the definitions in the tem model because most of them are scenario based and they ask you what type of error this is and also what will you do etc)threat and when it occurs and why is sop used what’s the benefit
About 3 questions on UAS
Eye movements
What is saccdae rest cycle
Pills causing drowsiness and also learn about aspirin and it’s long term effects
What mode of communication to use in situations and good what’s good personality types
It’s just basically how you understand the questions, it’s basically everything in the book just twisted around and the practice exams really helps you out in getting a fair idea what’s going to come in the exams
I did one week study and sat this Wednesday and passed 77% massive thank you to bobtai
Pilots gets distracted by the raido calls and losses speed causing lowered approach path what’s the uas in this situation
Pilot is turning and goes into spiral dive and speed increases stressing the airframe what’s the first thing to do
Pilot is way behind schedule and misses the notam and doesn’t turn on the anti icing and sufferers icing on take off what is the committed error
Pilot is rushing and misses the notam And after 25 mins he noticed he is in a head wind and his fuel is critically low and weather is closing in on all side he saw a field behind him what is the the pilot going to do

Runway lights are on the edge and pilot is landing at night what is the illusion he going to experience
How to improve stress
Pilot is flying in summer and what are the things he should do
Pilot has done a long flight in summer and looks tired what is he going to experience ? Short term or long term stress or fatigue
That’s all I could remember for now and my advice to anyone doing the exam is please just focus on what the questions are asking you it’s can be really tricky and manage your time wisely use all the time if possible
Thanks once again bob

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MissSoph replied the topic: Hpl

What are people’s thoughts on this... a Pilot has gastro... and has been prescribed medication by a doctor... what would the Pilot have to be careful of when flying.....

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