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pfs1803 created the topic: HPL

Can anyone help me with this question? I am confused as to the solution to this question from a school exam.

As a pilot turns onto finals to land, he becomes aware of a strong electrical smell in the cockpit as if something is burning or suffering a short circuit. Whilest distracted by this, he inadvertently allows the nose of the aircraft to lower causing the approach speed and rate of descent to increase substantially that leads to the aircraft undershooting the runway.

In the TEM model, the pilot's first priority in this situation should be to:
a. Raise the nose of the aircraft
b. Reduce the rate of descent
c. Declare an emergency
d. Reduce airspeed to the correct approach speed.

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bobtait replied the topic: HPL

The first priority in any undesired aircraft state is to first deal with the undesired aircraft state (UAS). In this case the UAS is that the aircraft is on final with an airspeed above the recommended approach speed. So reduce the airspeed to the correct figure. The deal with the undershoot by applying power if necessary.

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