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AHUF KDR and comments

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LOTUS created the topic: AHUF KDR and comments

Hi Guys

in the process of foreign ATPL conversion, wrote the AHUF this morning and some feedback i can report back on..

42 questions total. grading from easy to start with to difficult at the end. completed all questions with 20 minutes to spare
which was used to re-check TEM answers
from what I can remember:
1) Circadian Rythym. question asked about the easiest direction body will adjust which was going west.
words used was "compressed" or "stretched" and NOT advanced or delayed as per text books. words will trip you up.
2) 2 questions on a TEM scenario on low level steep turns which resulted in a crash, countermeasures and UAS
3) sleep management - aging of pilot, sleep required reduces but they were asking about frequency of sleep
4) ergonomics - cockpit design layout - designed to fit broad spectrum of population? i think it said ALL the population
5) Maslow hierarchy - highest need
6) a question on motivation and performance - cant recall
7) spatial disorientation - where can you expect to get the leans. flying VFR, Cloud, dark night etc..
8) oxygen on demand from 40,000ft
9) hyperventilation symptoms with hypoxia, wordy. just make sure you can differentiate.
about 6 TEM questions, mostly relating to countermeasures

I felt that you needed to do extremely well in the first 32 questions to avoid being undone by the wordy TEM questions put forward by CASA. TEM is definitely a big part of the exam but the Bob Tait book will get you through it.


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bobtait replied the topic: AHUF KDR and comments

Congratulations Lotus. Well done. Enjoy your time in Australia!

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