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sammason1 created the topic: TEM-AHUF

Hi Bob,

Iv been going through your online practise exams and also AFTs practice exams and have found the same question regarding TEM but they both have different answers. The question goes " Entering the wrong way point data, while operating in a stressful cockpit environment, is an example of an-"
a. expected threat
b. handling error(correct)
c. environmental threat
d. procedural error

Now you have the answer as B but AFT has totally different answers then the ones you have stated which are are seen bellow-
a. environmental threat
b. organisational threat(correct as stated by AFT)
c. expected threat
d. unexpected threat

Now my take on this question is that I agree with AFT as it is an organisational threat as is stated in p120 of the text book an example of an organisational threat is "documentation errors (incorrect data entry or misinterpretation of manuals).

So my question is what is your take on this question bob?

Cheers Sam

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  • Stuart Tait
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Stuart Tait replied the topic: TEM-AHUF

The important thing here is an error involves an action or an absence of action. Errors are classified as handling errors, communication errors and procedural errors.

In this case, the pilot has entered the wrong waypoint data. He or she has interacted with the aircraft somehow. It is a handling error.

What about "procedural error"? No, these types of errors occur when working with checklists and procedures. Now you may turn around and argue:

"OK, but what if the co-pilot didn't double-check the input as specified in the company SOPs so it must be a procedural error".

No. Not double-checking is indeed a procedural error but actually putting in the wrong data is still a handling error. The handling error is the initial consequence of the procedural error.

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  • sammason1
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sammason1 replied the topic: TEM-AHUF

Thanks for the reply Stuart, I understand your point it's just I find the textbook misleading as it specifically says organisaltional threats are " incorrect data entry" which I believed was an error not a threat.

Cheers Sam

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bobtait replied the topic: TEM-AHUF

If you read the questions carefully you will see that one is talking about the 'threat' and the other is talking about the 'error'. So they are not the same question after all. Both answers are correct, the organisational threat led to a handling error.

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