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Exam Pass + TEM Tips

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Hi everyone,

I comfortably got through CHUF yesterday (self-studied, Bob I owe you about a dozen cases of beer mate...) and thought I would share some feedback specifically around studying TEM; I was genuinely concerned going into the exam that I didn’t have a good working knowledge of the subject but to my surprise the questions weren’t hard at all... they were, however, wishy-washy with multiple seemingly correct answers and it became apparent immediately as to how people come unstuck in this exam. I was pleasantly surprised to find no TEM-related items on my KDR.

Alright, here we go:
- If you haven’t read the CAAP (5.59) yet, read it! I can’t stress this enough.
- Take a look at the content on page 129 of Bob’s HPL book describing the relationship between errors and undesired aircraft states, this is more-or-less straight from the CAAP and is very important. There was a recent post on this forum from another student which seems to imply that you should learn what you *think* CASA wants you to know... I don’t believe this will work very well. A lot of the questions I got required a good understanding of the relationships between threats and errors, how they lead to undesired aircraft states and from there, the likely outcome. As I said earlier - the questions will mislead if you if you don’t have the understanding to really pick apart the possible answers and determine which answer is most correct.
- Memorise the examples of each type of threat, error and undesired aircraft state from the book.
- Do the questions at the end of each segment of TEM in the book diligently and multiple times over until it sinks in... I’d probably recommend waiting a few days before doing “more TEM questions” to give yourself time to mull over the content in your head and start solidifying your understanding, then attempt those questions to check.

Good luck!

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Thanks Nathan. I am looking to do the PPL exam soon, and started seeing all these TEM questions in Bob's practice exams which I had not seen any information on in the standard PPL books BAK etc.
I was wondering where all this information was coming from so will start reading CAAP (5.59).

One thing I liked about the PPL exam questions thus far was that they were all very relevant. I find the questions being asked about countermeasures and threats a little confusing and wishy washy. I guess it may just be the terminology being used which doesn't necessarily make sense as you read the words.

Regards, Michel.

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