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HUF Passed

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cgreening created the topic: HUF Passed

Hi all,

I've just finished my last CPL exam with an 85% pass!
Every other one I passed first time with the help of Bob's online exams, but this one caught be off-guard. I failed the first time with a score of 68%.

What I'm about to state seems true for all other exams except HUF, as the HUF exam seems to defy logic and reason and CASA is just looking for you to know the impractical theory.... Spend time to try and understand the principles behind the theory. Knowing the logic, physics etc. behind the theory will make things far simpler in the long run. Unfortunately not the case with HUF, you will just need to put in the time to remember what they want you to remember.

For TEM I found this very useful:

For all exams, Bob Tait's online exams were my single best study tool and I just wanted to express my appreciation for the resource :)

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