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Blondeambition95 created the topic: HPL

Hi Bob Tait,

I have a couple of questions regarding the ATPL HPL...I'm be doing my third sitting this friday and would like your help with some questions i got.

There was a x-wind thunderstorm that caused a plane to crash hence the Australian authority placed a rule where you have to power the power immediately after touch down...what kind of a threat is that? Expected threat
Environmental threat
latent threat?

What causes sinus barotrauma?
Descending with a cold
ascending with a cold
Descending with a blocked eustachian tube
ascending with a blocked eustachian tube

What is the eustachian tube??
Nasal to back of the throat
Or to equalise pressure?

When are errors most likely to occur in automatic cockpit?
At the initial stage
The execution stage
the completion stage
or all stages??

When is performance likely to reduce in LST?

What is "error-cause-removal?"

How do you know a pilot is not attentive? When the workload is:
-simple and interesting
-simple and monotonous
-complex and interesting
-complex and monotonous

How do u reduce spatial disoriention?

How do u prove you were listening?
-ready with your remark
-be defensive
-repeat everything that was said

Divided and selective attention
Which is worse and what strategy is employed? (I didnt understand what they meant by "what strategy is employed")
-divided information simultaneously
-dividend information sequential
-selective information simultaneously
-selective information sequential

Someone on AC needs medical attention...what should the crew do?
-ask ATC to make them first priority
-just fly till touchdown n get help from medical team
-prepare SOP on the person

Please note not everything is accurate but trying to give u a clear picture as much as i can

Please reply ASAP as it'll be very helpful


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bobtait replied the topic: HPL

I can't help you with some of those because I can't make out just what the question was on about. However here are some point.

I've never heard of a cross wind thunderstorm and I don't understand what 'power the power' means.
A blocked eustachian tube will have the worst effect on descent.
The eustachian tube connects the middle ear to the nasal cavity to keep the pressures in the environment and in the middle ear equal.
I'm not sure what an automatic cockpit is, but if it is referring to autopilots, I suppose it's the execution stage.
We have the lowest vigilance between the hours of 3.00am and 5.00am.
It is most difficult to maintain attention during simple and monotonous tasks.
The best remedy for spatial disorientation is to rely solely on the instruments.
Selective sequential attention causes fixation of one item at the expense of others.
I don't know what the question about medical attention is getting at.

Sorry I can't be of more help, but if you can give me more specific information it might help.

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