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Crew Coordination

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Deeroy created the topic: Crew Coordination

I'm unsure of the concept of crew coordination, and it doesn't seem to appear in the Bob Tait book.

I've had a look in the CASA Human Factors resource guide for pilots and it doesn't really touch on it either. In chapter 6 of their guide, page 103 in the key points, they summarize that the section addressed crew coordination, but it doesn't explicitly go over the subject...
They list characteristics that make and define good teams and the conditions that enable those teams to function effectively, but a part from that it doesn't appear to go any further.

To get to the point,
  1. What are the basic principles of crew coordination
  2. What are some factors that would interfere or disrupt this? I was thinking barriers to communication, possibly the authority gradient or in general communication skills


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