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Effectiveness of Actions

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Cam created the topic: Effectiveness of Actions

Question 17 TEM Page 23
One measure of the effectiveness of actions taken by the crew to manage threats is:
The given answer is C: Whether the threat was detected in time for the crew to respond appropriately.

I believe this answer relates to the paragraph on page 10.17 that begins 'The effective management of threats... depend mainly on early detection."

The paragraph ends by saying "... the most proactive option would be to anticipate the threat in time to avoid any impact [it] might have had on the flight." which seems to suggest that option D: Whether an undesired aircraft state was avoided. was also a clear measure of an effective action.

In both of the last two posts I have had to re-read which has resulted in a better understanding of the topic... so the reason for posting is partly to determine if I am missing a point but also to draw attention something that may be ambiguous for others also.


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Richard replied the topic: Effectiveness of Actions

Hi Cam,
When managing threats the whole aim is to catch them and mitigate them before any effects can manifest, either as UAS's or further errors. Remember, threats promote error so if they are caught and dealt with early, you reduce the chances of error. Avoidance of a UAS isn't enough to determine how effective an action has been. After all, the crew could react inappropriately (error) and thereby create a new threat even without a UAS manifesting at that stage.
Of the two answer options you mentioned, (c) is the one which most closely resembles one of the fundamental principles of TEM.

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