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Tips for TEM and General Questions - CHUF

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nfabert created the topic: Tips for TEM and General Questions - CHUF

Hi all,

Just passed the CHUF exam, at the 1st attempt 83%, and would like to share a few points with whom it may concern

-The Bob Tait book and online practice exams and Forum are of huge help. Thank you Bob and Richard for all the work done!

-As expected, the Exam had a lot of TEM stuff - but none of my questions really matched the questions I practiced on - but this is not surprising since the questions are not known!
So very important: get ready to have questions more related to where/at what moment the threat, error, U.A.S. is or has occurred
rather than the definition of the occurrence i.e.: Pilot distracted set wrong QNH, is this a ground navigation error, procedural error, environmental threat...
As stated in this forum, read/understand/practice CAAP 5.59-1 section 13 and 14

-You MUST understand every question/answer you practice on, so that if it is formulated in a different way, you don't get trapped!

But, this is only for my exam so thing could be different...

All the BobTait book and online practice exams cover the subjects and are enough, one particular problem i had was identifying runway illusions,
therefore i copy a link to a doc that helped me

From this document i did a "memory help" as follow:

If Rwy slopes UP FROM threshold you THINK you are to HIGH
If Rwy slopes DOWN FROM threshold you THINK you are to LOW

If Terrain slopes UP TO threshold THINK your are to HIGH
If Terrain slopes DOWN TO threshold THINK you are to LOW

FROM, TO, THINK are very important words here

the rest of illusions are more common sense

Good luck!


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