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CHUF exam

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peter2480 created the topic: CHUF exam

A couple of questions from exam yesterday structured in a different light. Qu on sleep credits - maximum length of sleep useful for sleep credits, I chose option of 16 hrs (wrong) as I remembered that number from text. Correct answer would have been 8 giving 16 sleep credits. Another was blue fingernails lips etc. the 2 feasible answers were hypoxia and CO poisoning. As blue fingernails are a sign of advanced hypoxia I figured that the better answer was CO poisoning as CO would prevent oxygen from attaching to Hb from the start. (wrong). Hope this helps.

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Richard replied the topic: CHUF exam

Hi Peter, thanks for the feedback on the exam and congratulations on the pass - excellent :-)

Just to clarify, CO poisoning won't give you blue fingertips because the CO molecules bind with Haemoglobin producing carboxyhaemoglobin which has a bright red colour. Because of this, CO poisoning will be associated with red fingertips as well as all the other symptoms you're familiar with.



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