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Aviation Abbreviations and Acronyms

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Richard created the topic: Aviation Abbreviations and Acronyms

One thing you will have noticed very early on is how much aviation loves its acronyms and abbreviations. They are everywhere and for the new student they can be completely overwhelming.

Perhaps you didn't know it but CASA has assembled a list of abbreviations and acronyms used in aviation in a very handy reference page. If you want to find out that odd abbreviation in the ERSA and can't find it defined anywhere then try your luck here:

CASA's Abbreviations and Acronyms Reference




HSASLA = "Happy studying and soft landings always" :P

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  • basketball
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basketball replied the topic: Re: Aviation Abbreviations and Acronyms

Thanks Richard, Very useful! There's always been acronyms i've seen people use or heard people use and have no idea what they are on about!

Soft Landings? Not my forte unfortunately :P (SLNMFU)

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