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Richard created the topic: CASA KDR Statistics

This is a handy link provided by Ben Harris for CASA information on recurring problems appearing in KDR's.

It would be worth your while checking these before you do your exam just to make sure you have the common trouble areas well covered.

Thanks Ben!

G'day All,


I just wanted to share some information for those of you studying for PPL and CPL examinations. Bob and Rich would have seen this link, however I wanted to share it with others studying for exams.

CASA has very kindly (aren't they just lovely?) posted on their website the recurring things that pop up in KDR's (knowledge deficiency reports) when people go to sit their exams, along with the average pass rates, as well as the average time used to complete the examination.

For example, for PPL examinations it says that the following are some area's where people are being let down in the examinations.

These reports are listed up to and including ATPL subjects. Don't rely on it too much, but still interesting nonetheless.

Here's the link -

All the best with your studies.



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Aviatordan replied the topic: Re: CASA KDR Statistics

I realise this is over a year old however very interesting.

I was also looking at the ATPL student handbook. Man, that stuffs scares the hell out of me. Seeing that and looking back at the stuff I'm now doing for the CPL, the CPL stuff looks like a casual stroll through the park!

Good find!

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