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IPad/IPhone Material?

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Richard replied the topic: Re: IPad/IPhone Material?

Hi Adam,

You're in luck mate. The IREX E-Text is already available and can be read online quite comfortably with an iPad. You can check out the demo E-Text here: .

We are also in the process of converting the current Cyber exams to a new format using the online school platform. These cyber exams will at last be freely accessible to not just windows IE users but also Mac, Linux, iPads etc. As another bonus, the new format will include the answers and not be restricted to a CASA-style KDR (which students find to be rather frustrating).

The first test students are working with the Aerodynamics exams this week and if they're happy, we'll be releasing all cyberexams in the new format as soon as possible i.e. within a month if all goes well.

The time of sitting in the Redcliffe Tav supping a cold one and working on an IREX exam prep are not far off mate. Stay tuned...



P.S. and here's the proof: screengrabs from an iPad2 running the CADA demo exam. Please note, the images have been compressed and resized to keep file sizes low so the images aren't as clear as the real thing. The actual display is crystal clear and sharp and on the iPad can of course be pinch-zoomed as required.

A part of the introduction to the Exam Prep unit for CADA (Aerodynamics)

The first few questions of one of the "open Exams".

These are shots of the version being tested at the moment. The final format may be slightly different.

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Adam replied the topic: Re: IPad/IPhone Material?

Mate, well done!

that is going to be absolutely excellent, cant wait to have an excuse to use it. the little brother is up in january for the CPL course so i will have to get him to sus it out and give you some feedback.

also getting rid of the original style KDRs is a good idea, they are a pain in the neck at times.

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sophiaedward64 replied the topic: Re: IPad/IPhone Material?

How its working?

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