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Suggestion for staff - take a look at threads with comments

  • incognico
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incognico created the topic: Suggestion for staff - take a look at threads with comments

It appears (after checking a couple of pages of threads) that typically only threads with no replies get attention from BT staff. There are a number of threads with a couple of community replies that really need an "official" comment or answer to close them out. Including a couple of mine personally which I guess is why I have noticed this.

I appreciate that you guys are not here looking after the forum full time, but I also feel this is the preferred/suggested method to raise issues & questions about the material we have purchased. This becomes frustrating if the question is not resolved and you're heading into an exam still wondering.

So my suggestion is to not check the forum by looking at the "no replies" filtered list, but instead having a quick read through any recent posts, as many times they reach a "we don't know, let's see what the official word is" stage and then just seem to stagnate. The volume of posts week to week doesn't appear to make this too time consuming.

This observation is meant in a purely constructive manner, and my only intention is to make these forums even better. I hope that has come across in the text - sometimes it's hard with no "tone" :)


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