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Takeoff / Landing distances

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Gwilliams95 created the topic: Takeoff / Landing distances

Hi all
Thought this would be an easy problem, but just seeking clarification on something. I’m just getting told conflicting information by different people and would like to back up my understanding of CAO 20.7.4

Takeoff distances.

My understanding :

The data which are entered into the tables are derived from:
- AWIS / ATIS if available (Temp / pressure / wind)
- TAF if obtained within an hour prior to takeoff (Temp / pressure / wind)
- Ambient conditions ie altimeter set to 1013, windsock and reading off OAT
- declared density charts (pressure and ISA temp only)

Landing distances
TAF (1 hr prior to departure - short sectors only??) and declared density

Thanks all!

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