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Using the Editor: Inserting Images

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Richard created the topic: Using the Editor: Inserting Images

Adding Images to a Post
Within the forum posts you can insert one picture at a time. If you want to have multiple photos though, you simply re-edit the post and add another, then re-edit, add another and so on. It's a bit of a faff but it works (eventually :) )

When inserting images, you can either upload them directly from your hard drive or you can get the image from the Internet.

Adding an Image from your Computer
If you are uploading from your own computer, then click the "Add File" button in the "Attachments" section below the message editor. Then in the file dialogue, select the file you want to add and click the "Open" button:

Once you have selected the file, you have the choice to either insert the place-holder code for the image into the post by clicking the "Insert" button or leave it as an attachment.

Note: The "Insert" button will add a place-holder for the new image but it won't appear until you save the post by submitting it. You can add and insert multiple images without needing to save and re-edit the post all the time.

Adding an Image from the Internet
To do this you can either:
  • Download the image to your computer and then upload it using the steps described above
  • You can add a link directly to the image somewhere else on the web - so-called hotlinking which is not always a good idea
  • You add the image by using the internet address of the picture which uploads a copy of the internet image to the post
Here's an example: I went to and chose an image to be included in the post.


After finding the image I wanted, I right-clicked on the image and chose "Copy image location" in Firefox which copied the image's web address (called a url) to the clipboard.

Alternatively, in Internet explorer you can right click on the image and select "Properties". In the popup box that appears, highlight everything in the "Address (URL)" field and use CTRL+C to copy it to the clipboard.

Now you can insert the image as a hotlink or as a normal image.

To hotlink the image, use the insert image link button on the toolbar.

Then paste in the image's address and add some descriptive text.
The problem with hotlinking is that some websites block this behaviour and get annoyed if you do it. Also, should the image change or be moved by the original host your hotlink will break and the image will vanish from your post.

So, you might want to consider letting the forum upload a copy of the image file. You should consider potential copyright issues before doing this though.

Anyway, you follow the same steps as above to collect the image's web address but this time click on the "Select image file to attach" box below the editing area just as if you were uploading from your own computer.

This will open the file-selection dialog. Now instead of selecting a file, paste the image address into the "File Name" field and click the "Open" button.

The dialog closes and to actually insert the image, you then click on the [img][/b] button. [center] [img] [/center]

P.S. For the techie-minded: adding an image this way isn't hotlinking since a copy of the image is downloaded to your computer's temporary internet files area and this local file is then uploaded to our server. Doing it this way saves you manually downloading/naming/saving the file and then uploading it again. Clever eh! :blink:

Here's the final result:

Hotlinked Version: file is served by the wikimedia servers.

Not hotlinked: file is hosted on our server

Image Limitations
Inserted images won't appear in the preview until you save the post. You can upload images up to a maximum dimensions of 1600x1200px and each image may be no larger than 2 MB. Please try to keep the image sizes as low as possible since users will have to download them when viewing the forum. Too many large images will slow their loading times terribly.

That's it for now. Feel free to post any questions or comments here.

Happy Posting!

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zulugurl replied the topic: Re: Using the Editor: Inserting Images

Hi Richard,
How do we load a video? from own computer? I have tried a few times.....

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Richard replied the topic: Re: Using the Editor: Inserting Images

Hi Judy,

The only way to incorporate video directly into a post is to use one of the online video providers such as YouTube, Google, Vimeo and the like. You could upload your video to YouTube (for example) and use the video button on the toolbar to create the link. If you want me to do a quick tutorial for it, I can.

If the video really is only on your machine and it is less than 4 MB in size you could upload it as a file attachment to your post using the File attachment field but it wouldn't show up in the same way as one of the embedded videos from an online provider.

Does that help?



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Richard replied the topic: Re: Using the Editor: Inserting Images

Original post updated to reflect changes in the message editor after the recent upgrade.

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